Best trip to Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman 2023

Seven Mile Beach (SMB)

Seven Mile Beach is a long crescent of coral-sand beach on the western end of Grand Cayman island. Seven Mile Beach is known for its beauty, recently receiving the honor of “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. It is public property (Because of the rule from the high tide down is public ) and one is able to walk the full length of the beach, regardless of where you are staying.

The Seven Mile Beach is the most popular and most developed area of Grand Cayman. It is home to the majority of the island’s luxury resorts and hotels. Despite the name, a generous measurement puts the actual length at just a bit over 6.3 miles (10.1 km) long. A realistic length for the uninterrupted sandy beach is about 6 miles. The beach falls victim to annual erosion, which has reduced its size in some areas, and may have reduced its length at the ends.Like the rest of Grand Cayman, the development around the Seven Mile Beach was severely damaged in Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 but many condominiums & hotels are still running at full capacity.

Resturants you can find

Restaurants open to the public can be found at most of the resorts, which includes several public beach bars.[1] Some small reefs are located just off shore which offer good snorkelling, most notably by the Marriott hotel (an artificial reef), Government House (the Governor’s residence), and just north of Seven Mile Public beach.

Directly to the south of Seven Mile Beach is George Town, the capital city of the Cayman Islands and where the tourists come in, while to the north is the district of West Bay, which features a turtle farm and the limestone formations of Hell. Right across from Seven Mile Beach, is Camana Bay, a small town that also acts as a large shopping and office park. There are many amenities, with restaurants, cafés, and a cinema.

Named one of the Ultimate Beaches in the region by Caribbean Travel + Life, the 4th Best Beach in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor, and the 12th of the best beaches in the world by MSN, Seven Mile Beach is among the many reasons why Cayman is considered the ultimate destination. Situated on the western side of Grand Cayman, the area attracts travellers from all over the world. With sparkling waters and coral sands, this shoreline is home to many of the Caribbean’s most luxurious properties.

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The expansive waterfront

The expansive waterfront here is open to the public, making it possible to walk the full length of the shore regardless of where you’re staying. Taking a stroll, you’ll stumble on restaurants at the resorts and several beach bars. Seven Mile Beach encompasses so many different activities, too. Whether you want to work on your tan and watch the waves roll in, or partake in some parasailing, Seven Mile Beach gives you every chance to enjoy what Cayman is all about.

Seven Mile Beach is surrounded by several popular attractions as well. You can peruse the Seven Mile Shops or snorkel /scuba dive in the peaceful seas around Cemetery Reef. Cayman’s capital, George Town, is also close by.

Immerse yourself in luxury inspired by The Cayman Islands’ diversity and cultural richness at this sun-filled Caribbean haven. After a thoughtful, grand beautification project in 2021, the iconic resort has transformed, inspired by the islands’ history, culture and environmental elements through warm and colorful spaces that enliven the senses. Profound experiences and cherished memories await at this longstanding luxury resort in Grand Cayman.

Seven Mile Beach is located on the west-side of Grand Cayman.

Most hotels and condo complexes are located along 7 Mile Beach. This is where the majority of tourists stay.

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