Exclusive Dubai skyline 2023

Exclusive Dubai skyline

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is home to many extremely tall modern high-rises, 108 of which stand taller than 180 metres (591 ft). The tallest building in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which rises 828 metres (2,717 ft) and contains 163 floors. The tower has stood as both the tallest building in the world and the tallest man-made structure of any kind in the world since its completion in January 2010.Exclusive Exclusive Dubai skyline

The second-tallest building in Dubai is the 425-metre (1,394 ft) Marina 101, which also stands as the world’s fourth tallest residential skyscraper. The skyscrapers of Dubai are, for the most part, clustered in three different locations. The land along E 11 Road was the first to develop, followed by the Dubai Marina neighborhood and the Business Bay district.


Overall, Dubai has 18 completed and topped-out buildings that rise at least 300 metres (984 ft) in height, which is more than any other city in the world.Exclusive Dubai skyline has 73 completed and topped-out buildings that rise at least 200 metres (656 ft) in height. Based on the average height of the ten tallest completed buildings, Dubai has the tallest skyline in the Middle East and the world. As of 2012, the Exclusive Dubai skyline of Dubai is ranked eighth in the world with 248 buildings rising at least 100 metres (330 ft) in height.

Exclusive Dubai skyline

he history of skyscrapers in Dubai began with the construction of Dubai World Trade Centre in 1979, which is usually regarded as the first high-rise in the city. At the time of its completion, it also stood as the tallest building in the Middle East. Since 1999, and especially from 2005 onwards, Dubai has been the site of an extremely large skyscraper building boom, with all 73 of its buildings over 200 metres (656 ft) tall completed after 1999.

In less than ten years, the city has amassed one of the largest Exclusive Dubai skyline in the world; it is now home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s tallest residence, and the world’s second tallest hotel. As of 2019, 49 new skyscrapers are under construction in Dubai; additionally, there are over 127 active high-rise developments that have been proposed for construction in the city.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Dubai” is probably the Burj Al Arab, luxury hotels, flashy shopping malls, and yes – the awe-inspiring Exclusive Dubai skyline that rises high above the surrounding desert. In fact, the most visited attraction in Dubai – and one of the most visited globally – is the Burj Khalifa, which spearheads the Downtown Exclusive Dubai skyline.  However, at Burj Khalifa’s observation deck, named At The Top Burj Khalifa, you can expect long queues, poor service, and overpricing. At The Top Burj Khalifa tickets offer little value for money. The solution? Viewnary!

Exclusive Dubai skyline

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Amazing views of the Dubai Marina skyline from a chic terrace

On the fringes of the Downtown area sits the Dubai Marina. Dominated by yet more high-rise towers, the hyper-modern area lies along the beach and circles around the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. Luckily for you, Viewnary offers an exclusive terrace-view of the Dubai Marina skyline. For the price of an At The Top Burj Khalifa ticket – or less, depending on the ticket Exclusive Dubai skyline – you can enjoy an amazing view with an evening drink with the sparkling nighttime skyline in the background.

Or check it out during daylight hours to catch a glimpse of the striking contrast between desert sands and contemporary architecture.Exclusive Dubai skyline The Host’s apartment features two large wrap-around balconies with panoramic Dubai skyline views stretching all the way down to JBR.Exclusive Dubai skyline They will warmly welcome you with tasty appetizers including a selection of chips, nuts, cheeses, and juices. If you’re looking for something more special, just request it!

Exclusive Dubai skyline

If you seek a more authentic and traditional Arabian experience, escape the city for a desert safari or visit the various souks located on the opposite side of Exclusive Dubai skyline Creek – locally named “Old Dubai”. The Gold Souk in Deira is a must, and you’ll see more gold and diamonds than you can possibly imagine. Adjacent to this you can treat your senses to the countless aromas and colors of the Spice Souk.

Want to explore the more futuristic part of town? Stay in the heart of Downtown Dubai and stroll around The Dubai Mall and The Dubai Fountain, which are located right next to each other. Walking through Dubai Mall will keep you busy for days; its floor space size is equivalent to 200 football/soccer fields.

It’s one of the most visited buildings on the planet, and the most visited shopping center in the world, with over 80 million visitors annually. No matter what you do, make it an unforgettable day by combining it anytime with exclusive, amazing views of Dubai Marina – we personally recommend a golden hour drink to top it off.Exclusive Dubai skyline

The iconic Dubai skyline… No matter where in the world you are, the 7-star hotel shaped like a sailboat and tallest building in the world are instantly recognizable. They ooze luxury and glamour. Sometimes overshadowing other architectural wonders that also help in painting Dubai’s view from the horizon. From record-breaking swimming pools to shimmering towers, here is a list of all the cool places you can see when driving your own boat around in the emerald waters surrounding Dubai’s coastline.

*Tip: The best way to marvel at the skyline is by driving your own HERO Boat.


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