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Jakar Dzong or the Fortress of the White Bird is strategically located on a ridge overlooking the beautiful and wide Bumthang valley of traditional houses, a small domestic airport strip, colorful new buildings and fertile fields. From a distance, the Dzong look like a white bird amid the lush green landscape, although the significance of the white bird is more divine and spiritual. Initially, while selecting a site for building a temple, a big white bird is supposed to have risen from the current site signifying a positive omen and thus a temple was built then.

About 100 years later in 1667, the temple was extended into the current structure/fortress and named Jakar Dzong. Over the centuries, the Dzong played an important role in defending off many Tibetan invasion and was a stronghold for the security of the central and eastern Bhutan.

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Even though the Dzongs in Punakha, Thimphu and Trongsa look bigger, however the Jakar Dzong is considered the biggest with a circumference of more than 1,500 meters. The two unique and special features of the well known place is its 50 meters high Utse (central tower) attached to the main eastern wall and its well protected water supply source (important in-case of a siege in the olden days). Like all the Dzongs in the country, the Jakar Dzong houses the district administration offices, few temples and monk’s living quarters. A visitor can interact with the young novice monks and also enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful valley below.


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