2 Free Restaurant & Bar Branding Mockups (PSD)

Prepare to be amazed because this restaurant and bar mockup is one of a kind and you’re going to use it for the rest of your life! It’s a set of 2 stationery PSD mockups (i.e. 2 different scenes) that are just perfect for any restaurant or food-related branding project and web presentations, and for sure will blow your client’s mind.

These mockups will help present your stationery design in a creative and professional way. The first scene includes 2 business cards (to show both sides of your design), a notebook, a menu, a knife, a greeting card, and some carrots; while the other includes 2 business cards presented on a wooden plate next to a piece of broccoli, a chili pepper, and some carrots. Both scenes are highly creative and will add a realistic touch to your restaurant stationery presentation. Thanks to Pixel Buddha for sharing this useful restaurant and bar mockup.

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