3D Smart Object Text Effect (PSD)

3D design is very popular nowadays, it became part of this new digital world environment; from 3D animation to 3D printers, or 3D sculptures… three dimensional models took visual presentation to a whole new level. 3D effects also allow us to see any flat object from various angles (top, bottom, sideways…), it makes it look more realistic especially to the human eye. Today’s freebie is a 3D smart object text effect mockup that will help you display your text in a stunning style! It’s a geometric 3D effect with sharp edges that will go perfect with any design. It’s perfect for an attractive poster display, banners, web design, and 3D logo design. Imagine driving around and passing by an outdoor advertisement with this text effect used, it will instantly grab your attention, so it’s perfect for awareness campaigns and product advertising.

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