Free Cafe Sign Mockup (PSD)

Those third wave coffee shops come up with increasingly neat aesthetics everyday. You can almost see it in your head. An intricate logo displayed on a small banner on the sidewalk, one block before the intersection. If you’ve ever wanted to take a crack at such logos and pretty banners, today is your lucky day.

Another day, another fantastic mockup from Mr.Mockup. This graphic of a cafe sign comes with 2 banners: a bigger round sign, and a smaller supporting rectangle. Showcase your next cafe, restaurant, or bar branding project on these simple-looking signs that let your designs be the star. The background here is bright and blurry, showing a hint of people sitting in the back. This lends the whole scene a bit more legitimacy and relevance to any branding project you engage in. This mockup comes in a single PSD file with a single shot and 2 customizable signs.

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