Free Toothpaste Mockup (PSD)

Studies have shown that the first thing people notice when they look at someone is their teeth. White or bright teeth imply cleanliness (hygiene), and self-care, which are positive qualities most people look for in a person. And speaking of one’s personal hygiene, toothpaste is the major star when it comes to white clean teeth! Something of that importance deserves a proper presentation, that’s why we’re bringing you a free toothpaste PSD mockup by Vectogravic. It will allow you to showcase your logo design and packaging design in a professional and photorealistic way and will put a white smile on your client’s face!

The mockup is available for both personal and commercial projects; it includes a toothbrush, a toothpaste box, and a paste tube. It’s perfect for branding projects, packaging design, advertisements, and web presentations. You can also use it for a dentist’s corporate identity design presentation and add his own logo design and graphic elements.

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