Free Vintage Mockup Scene Creator (PSD)

Whenever Sherlock Holmes is brought up, a vivid image presents itself in the minds of his fans. A tall lanky man wearing brown unnoticeable clothes, a contemplative gaze, a pipe in one hand and, most of the time, a book in the other. And the mockup we’re presenting today is a brilliant reminder of that authentic vintage look.

This free vintage mockup scene created by Nina Shaw comes in 3000 × 2000 pixels resolution at 300 dpi, leaving you with high-quality designs to be shared with your clients. What’s magical about this mockup is that it showcases a number of separate movable objects including a pipe, a pocket watch, a book, a lighter, a camera, an ax, and coins, all set from a top point of view against a changeable background. Edit the mockup and insert your vintage logos, illustrations, and fonts unto the central piece of the mockup, the yellowed papers, using the smart object layers.

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