Two Free Label Mockups (PSD)

Label design is a creative process that cannot be ignored. The design of a label should differ from the design of a packaging; But, they should harmonize with each other. It is believed that the text on a label has about 3 seconds to attract the attention of a buyer. Therefore, clear readability is very important for the design of labels. At the same time, the label must contain the name of the brand along with two or three words description of the product itself. These Free Label Mockups include 2 different PSD mockups for your label tag designs presentations. This specific label shape works perfectly with clothing. A label is often an overlooked detail, but it is a strong way to build a loyal customer base. Your clothing label will provide information, such as fabric content, and size, but it can also have personality. By using this mockup, you can include your brand name and logo design easily into your professionally crafted clothing label.

The first mockup offers a smart object of size 6.35 x 12.7 inches with a changeable background, shadows and color of the tag. While the second one offers two different smart objects of size 2.35 x 5.5 inches front and 2.5 x 5.5 inches back. The label mockup is editable so you can edit the background and shadows according to your taste. Thank you Zippy Pixels for sharing this awesome mockup.

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